Snapchat Hack App Frequently asked Questions

  • How can I use the Hack Application?
    -The Hack Application is a multi platform hacking program. For each program there are different yet similar ways to complete the hack. The user must enter the correct username and then select the type of hack he want to complete with. And then Hit the Hack button.
  • Will I get caught with my Internet ID by any law officer?
    – No, this application uses an in build Private proxy of Russian Federation. So your real IP address will be hidden and untraceable even by the law officers!
  • My anti-virus identifies the program as a malware or a virus. Should I delete the file?
    – The Hack application is made up of some codes which is disliked by anti-virus systems. This application doesn’t contain any virus. So please turn off your anti-virus before downloading the file.
  • Does using this on my iPhone or iPad require jailbreak?
    – Since iOS devices don’t allow outside App Store Apps we have made an Online version of this Application which absolutely doesn’t require any jailbreak. The Online version has all the features such as password breaker, snap grabber etc.
  • Do Android devices needed to be rooted?
    – No not at all you can run the app both on rooted as well as non-rooted Android SmartPhones. Just Download the apk file and install it.